Handyman Services by TCS
Serving Pompano Beach Florida and Surrounding Communities
7609 Sunflower Driver
Pompano Beach, Florida 33063
Rick Neal
Phone 954-263-8926
Email: handymanservices_1@yahoo.com



No Job Is Too Small !!!

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Handyman Services by TCS is a full service handyman specializing in repairs of a day or less. Our truck is fully equipped with all the supplies to make the most common repairs. We have over 25 years experience.

Handyman Services by TCS realizes that busy schedules can make office or home repairs hard to get to. Now your “To Do” list just looks massive and difficult. Where do you start? It takes just one call to hire Rick Neal to solve all your home repair worries. Professional, fail-safe, trustworthy handyman services on-time, every time, that is our promise. Handyman Services by TCS finishes all home repairs in an effective, fast manner and making your “To Do” list easier to handle, allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most. Consistent, high quality work means every home repair, maintenance, installation or other task are completed quickly and checked off your list so you can officially get it off your mind. Handyman Services by TCS is located in Pompano Beach and covers the entire Southeast Florida area.


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